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Recipe: Green Fritters (use up all your greens in the fridge!)

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Image by Nina Firsova

I came across this fabulous recipe on a day I was struggling to use up all my greens in the fridge. This recipe was a perfect solution as we can pretty much use any greens that may be starting to look tired in the fridge.

I made this as a weekend brunch, lunch and/or dinner. It is good to go for any meals of the day. The minor detail is that I tend to underestimate the time it takes to make it as I am cooking for a family of five including the ever-hungry teenagers (a huge batch). This can be overcome by using two or three different frying pans going at the same time so it can all be cooked quickly.

Here is the recipe courtesy of Food Matters


I have to admit that 4 out of 5 times, I don’t bother with making the raita, but it really does take this meal to the next level when you add the raita, cherry tomatoes with balsamic glaze swirled at the top!

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